The Academic Resources and Project Support Department (abbreviated to the Academic Department) is one of the core departments of Beijing International Education Institute. There is a professional team integrating teaching management, quality monitoring, curriculum development, academic research and support, which provides strong teaching support for the partners of the Institute.

The Academic Department has a complete teaching support service system. Relying on the strong faculty of the Institute, we have established a series of resource databases, such as lecturer resources and teaching materials resources, to provide all-round services for Sino-foreign cooperative colleges. The most prominent work of the Academic Department is to establish an advanced teaching quality guarantee system, aiming at Sino-foreign cooperative education, which combines the advantages of teaching quality supervision in China and Western developed countries. The system can control and supervise the teaching quality at different levels from lecturers to specialty leaders, so as to improve and adjust the teaching work. In the end, combining the Chinese excellent traditional education concept with the western advanced education concept, and presenting the educational achievements to the teachers and students within the programme, Academic Department cultivates a large number of outstanding graduates and delivers them to the society, which has been highly recognized and praised by the domestic and foreign cooperative colleges and universities.