With the remarkable team service and the most pragmatic work style, BIEI absorbs and integrates the high-quality teaching resources and ideas from foreign universities to provide the omni-directional, multi-level and various types of teachers exchange and training programs for Chinese cooperative universities and institutions. BIEI not only provides a channel and platform for program teachers and administration staff to learn advanced education concepts of overseas universities, but also improves the quality of cooperation programs and provides superior teaching support and service for our cooperative institutions and universities.


Teachersexchange and training mainly covers the following four aspects:


First of all, in order to meet the Chinese teachers demand of studying abroad, BIEIregularly sends teachers from Chinese cooperative universities to view and emulate classes, and participate in training and seminars. They will learn advanced teaching methods, concepts and specialties setting methods by conducting face-to-face communication and exchange with overseas university’s faculty and students, thus to improve the academic level and teaching experience of Chinese teachers.



Secondly, in order to improve the teaching quality of English language and program teachers for cooperation in running project, we also invitedistinguished professors from overseas universities to organize training courses about professional English teaching methods in Beijingheadquarter, Shanghai and Wuhan branch.


Thirdly, in order to improve the quality of cooperation program, BIEI will irregularly send teaching experts team from Chinese and overseas universities providing the professional training for the course teaching and the teaching quality monitoring.


Fourthly, being concentrated on holding 1 to 2 times’ large trainings each year, BIEI constantly improves the overall quality of teachers' team, which provides better teaching services for the Chinese partner universities. In accordance with the specific situation, BIEI also regularly trains teachers in the work and holds teaching seminars participated by teaching experts.