The New York City Education Bureau is the largest public school system; it provides support to 1,700 schools and 1.1million students. It also fully manages five Education Departments in New York City. It is one of the branches within the America education system which has most integrity and relevancy.


The aim of The New York City Education Bureau are improving the knowledge level and living skills of the citizen in New York City to making sure that the citizen can fully enjoy their civic rights; providing the relevancy information of campus welfare and institutions introduction to the preschools, middle schools, special education groups and universities’ students and their parents. At the same time, it aims to supervise the safety and order of the schools during the operating period. The New York City Education Bureau makes clear regulations shows that during the period of students receiving education courses and participating educational activities, they could not be discriminated because of race, color, religion, nation, identity, age, disability, marital status, gender and sexual orientation, and based on the related laws and grade evaluation system rules to assess the students, teachers and schools, it will shut down the schools who did not meet the requirements. It will push the establishment of charter school and create an excellent education and secure environment.