BIEI provides a nice space with simple, cost-effective and legal means in helping your institution establish a presence in China

Our services include:

Ready For Use Offices
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You have a variety of options to choose from in our Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan spaces. All offices are based in Grade A office buildings which are located in the central area with easy access by metro and public transportation.

Staffing Management
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BIEI will help identify a suitable member of our staff to work exclusively for your institution. From advertising to scheduling interviews and offering input on the final choice of candidate, we’ll coordinate it for you!

Administrative Support
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BIEI support in terms of payroll, social security, expenses management, and other administrative tasks, allows the designated member of staff to be fully engaged with institutional work, rather than dividing their focus on menial tasks.

Sharing BIEI’s Wide Network
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Over the course of its 13-year history in the field of international education, BIEI has developed an excellent reputation and professional network in China. Our overseas partner institutions are also allowed access to our extensive network-- more efficiently to connect with local Chinese educational institutions for conducting all sorts of collaborative extracurricular programs and student recruitment initiatives.

Partnership Development
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IBIEI guarantees to be the link between at least 3 Chinese partners and their overseas institutions. Together, we will develop cooperative program progression, joint programs, as well as student exchange.

PR Event
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In order to celebrate the opening of our China Representative Office, BIEI will hold a launch party where we welcome all Chinese partner institutions to explore the countless possibilities for future cooperation.

A glance of our offices: